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In addition to the complete rebuilding and restoration of world class grand pianos, we also go out of our way to choose a variety of very nicely kept, completely reconditioned vertical pianos. Here are two of the choices that we have available right now.

Yamaha Console Piano

This Yamaha vertical was completely made in their Japanese factory in Hamamatsu. The piano is made with all solid hardwood construction, has a solid spruce soundboard, and it feels and sounds great. The cabinet has lots of detail work and features natural cherry wood. It has doweled and joined legs and is an example of fine cabinet work as well as a fine piano.

Baldwin Console Piano

This Baldwin Acrostic console is in a walnut with some beautiful inlay in the music rack. At the time the Baldwin vertical piano was one of the most popular choices available and many of these pianos sold all across the United States. The piano has a 5 year warranty and includes a matching bench and a tuning after delivery.

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