The Yamaha CLP-625 is an entry-level Clavinova digital piano that is a terrific instrument for beginners or advanced players needing an extra instrument. Despite being an “entry-level” instrument, this Clavinova is packed with some advanced features that were previously only found in higher-priced models, providing significant upgrades from the older CLP-525 model. Some of our favorite features include:

  • New ebony-textured black keys, which complement the synthetic ivory keys beautifully, providing a terrific grip and keyboard feel
  • Yamaha CFX 9′ concert grand and Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano samples
  • Graded Hammer 3X (GH3X) keyboard action with escapement feel, making your CLP-625 feel like an actual acoustic piano
  • Binaural CFX piano samples, which make listening to your CLP-625 through headphones sound like you’re in the actual space where the piano was recorded – a truly immersive, 3D experience that you have to try for yourself!

The Yamaha CLP-625 is a great digital piano for small living spaces. At 53-1/8″ wide by 32-11/26″ high and only 16-5/16″ deep, this Clavinova will fit just about anywhere. And at 94 lb, 13 oz, the CLP-625 is sturdily built yet easy to move around.

We’re really impressed that Yamaha has taken their extensive experience building the world’s finest acoustic pianos and implementing so many wonderful features in this entry-level Clavinova!

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