The Yamaha CLP-625 is a terrific entry-level Clavinova digital piano that’s packed with features normally found in higher end keyboards at a much lower price point. The CLP-625 features new synthetic ebony keys that provide excellent grip in conjunction with the synthetic ivory keys. The GH3X (Graded Hammer 3X) keyboard action gives the feel of playing an acoustic piano action, and comes with 3 sensors for each key to accurately measure the velocity of the keyboard strike to provide the appropriate level of expressive sound.

The Yamaha CLP-625’s default sound is the 9′ CFX concert grand, and now includes the sampled sounds of a Bösendorfer Imperial Grand as one of several instrument voices. In addition to a basic metronome, the CLP-625 also features a 2-track recorder.

In short the Yamaha CLP-625 is a great investment for folks who are just getting started with the piano!

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