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Watch our videos to learn about the unique features of each grand piano, how to get the most out of them, and to hear how they sound. A great way to compare different models and find the right grand piano for you!

A Tale of Two Pianos!

Cunningham Piano Company is known for our piano restoration. Beautiful grand pianos are sent to us from all over the United Sates and beyond for custom restoration. We are very excited that our restoration staff has just completed the action work on two beautiful...

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The Legendary Yamaha C7X Grand Piano

The Legendary Yamaha C7X Grand PianoThe Yamaha C7X grand piano is legendary for being the most recorded piano in recording history. Its 7'6" frame provides the optimal acoustic dimensions for studios, concert halls, and discerning homes. Combined with Yamaha's...

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Cunningham Piano Online Piano Orchestra Project

Welcome to the Cunningham Piano Online Piano Orchestra Project. This is an idea we've been thinking about for quite some time. Pianists, of course, have the world's greatest solo literature. We have no end of things that we can play by ourselves. When we do...

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Yamaha Piano Secrets Revealed

Yamaha Piano Secrets Revealed Recently, two Yamaha sales representatives were selected from across the USA to visit Yamaha’s main piano factory and headquarters in Japan for an exclusive piano training workshop. One of those representatives was Dwayne Hilton,...

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How To Select Your First Piano

How To Select Your First Piano For folks who are looking for their first piano, either for their kids or for themselves, the process can be a little daunting, given the huge variety of pianos you can find in our showrooms. To that end, we wanted to make a “Piano...

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Yamaha S5X 6’7″ Grand Piano

Yamaha S5X 6'7" Grand Piano Piano connoisseurs look for pianos from certain manufacturers within their golden periods. Many times because they feel that the woods that they used during those times had a certain warmth and beauty that you simply can't get from modern...

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Yamaha’s #1 USA Piano Dealer in Cherry Hill, NJ

Yamaha's #1 USA Piano Dealer in Cherry Hill, NJCunningham Piano with just won Yamaha's USA dealer of the year. That means the number one Yamaha piano dealer in all of the United States of America is located right here in your backyard! Let’s take a look at our Cherry...

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Yamaha GC1 and GC2 Grand Piano Comparison

Yamaha GC1 and GC2 Grand Piano ComparisonFor decades, Yamaha's Conservatory Series of grand pianos were legendary. They dominated music programs, concert halls, and even recording studios all around the world. In fact, the Yamaha C7 is the most recorded piano in...

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Yamaha USA Dealer of the Year Award

Yamaha USA Dealer of the Year AwardLast week, Rich Galassini, one of the co-owners of Cunningham Piano, attended the 2020 NAMM Show. NAMM stands for the National Association of Music Merchants. It is the United States' largest music business trade show convention. It...

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