Yamaha N1X Hybrid Grand Piano

The Yamaha N1X is the newest hybrid grand piano addition to their AvantGrand series. It provides the sound, touch, and authentic feel of a 9′ concert grand piano in a fraction of the space and price. The N1X’s wooden keys and wooden action are identical to ones found in premium acoustic pianos, but you never need to have it tuned, since it doesn’t have strings!
First introduced at the 2019 NAMM show, the N1X improves upon its predecessor in a number of ways – new piano samples from Yamaha flagship CFX 9′ concert grand and Bösendorfer Imperial Grand, more powerful speakers, more instrument voices (such as digital pianos, celesta, harpsichord, and organs), binaural 3D audio of the CFX piano through headphones, and now the ability to use a Yamaha UD-WL01 USB wireless LAN adapter to connect with the free Smart Pianist app for iPhone and iPad. Smart Pianist makes it easy to navigate through all the instrument voices, and customize the piano sounds to an incredible degree – it’s like having all the tools of a master piano technician at your disposal!

The Yamaha N1X is an ideal instrument for performance, teaching and practicing in small studios, and even for escaping into your own musical oasis through the headphones’ binaural 3D sound of the CFX concert grand.

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