Yamaha P22 Upright Piano

The Yamaha P22 is the ideal upright piano designed specifically for schools, teachers, and students. Featuring the widest music rack available for any piano, grand or otherwise, the Yamaha P22 also comes with its own built-in toe-block dolly frame with ball-bearing wheels, making it easy to wheel around and between classrooms.

The frame brace provides additional structural stability, which translates into more stable tunings that keep the piano sounding great for longer stretches of time. All Yamaha P22 upright pianos come in satin finishes – the one featured in this video being a Satin American Walnut finish – which help prevent fingerprint smudges from blemishing the look of the piano.

The Yamaha P22 is 45.5″ high and 527 pounds in weight. The three pedals offer the following functions:

  • Damper pedal (right)
  • Soft or practice/mute pedal (middle/middle locked position)
  • Bass sustain pedal (left)

Cabinet and cosmetic designs aside, this is the quintessential upright piano, with a lovely light action and pure, clear tone, capable of expressing a wide range of color and emotion. No wonder the Yamaha P22 is the world’s most popular classroom piano!

Yamaha Electronics P22 Satin Ebony Upright Piano For Sale

Yamaha Satin Ebony Upright Piano

Yamaha Electronics P22 Satin Walnut Upright Piano For Sale

Yamaha Satin Walnut Upright Piano

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