Yamaha S5X 6’7″ Grand Piano

Piano connoisseurs look for pianos from certain manufacturers within their golden periods. Many times because they feel that the woods that they used during those times had a certain warmth and beauty that you simply can’t get from modern forests. Well, what if there was a way to bring back that old world beauty of tone and resonance, but in a brand new piano? To that end, we’re so excited to introduce you to Yamaha’s brand new SX Series of pianos!

These pianos undergo a radical new manufacturing technique that Yamaha first developed with their guitars called Acoustic Resonance Enhancement, or A.R.E. for short. What they do is they take the wood of the piano rim and subject it to a special pressurized process. No chemicals are used, but this process they found was able to age the wood without any damage and give it both the suppleness of brand new woods with the tone of old woods. What you have is a brand new piano that sounds and feels like it’s been aged and matured far beyond its actual age, an absolutely remarkable achievement. 

In addition, the soundboard of this piano is taken from their designs with their CFX Concert Grands. The hammers are custom designed. Again, everything in this piano is designed to give it an old world warmth that you simply can’t get in a brand new piano.

Cunningham Piano is world famous for restoring older pianos back to their original condition. Now, this is not a cheap process. In fact, the cost of completely rebuilding an older piano many times can be much more expensive than buying a new piano of the same size. The reason why people go through this process is because they want to preserve that original warmth and tone of that particular piano. With this Yamaha S5X, it’s astonishing how one can feel the warmth and maturity of a much older piano, married with a modern action that gives a level of control, precision and clarity that’s just unheard of. This is a piano that extends its expressive range beyond anything that most pianists have ever experienced. You really have to come in and try this piano for yourself!

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