A Bösendorfer Model 225 Grand Piano – with a Twist!
In this video, we feature a Bösendorfer Model 225 7’4″ grand piano. This piano has four extra notes in the bass, and a wider soundboard than any other piano in its size category, giving it a unique richness, depth, and control to the sound. This Bösendorfer 225 was originally purchased from us in 2003 by a physician who wanted to have concerts in his home. He also had a unique eye for design, and asked us to help him create a custom curved lid prop that can be rotated (the piano also comes with a standard straight lid prop if desired). To demonstrate the rich sonorities of this instrument, pianist Hugh Sung plays an excerpt from Rachmaninoff’s Etude-Tableaux Op.39 No.2 in A Minor.
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