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The Cunningham Piano Company is proudly owned and operated by degreed musicians who have always dedicated their lives to music. It is because of that deep love of music and music education that the Cunningham Piano Company opened the Cunningham Music School in 2017. Every one of our expert faculty members has at least a B.Mus, although many have gone on to pursue higher education to reach their full musical potential. Every one of them has years of teaching experience in their fields of expertise. We also supplement our lessons program with regular performance opportunities, classes, and workshops. Our highly personalized approach with our students makes us excited to say that we at the Cunningham Music School offer a music education that is second to none!

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Our Programs

Piano Program

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String Program

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Voice Program

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The Piano Program

We offer piano lessons starting for the very beginner, or all the way up to the trained musician. We have students that began lessons as young as five years old, and students who got a later start in either middle or high school. We also have a number of adult students, some of whom have their own piano career either performing or teaching. Our piano faculty is experienced with learners of all ages and levels, whether you are interested in learning the classics or exploring the world of pop or jazz - not to mention everything in between! Our teachers are able to help you build your reading, theory, aural, or technical skills at any level. We pair our private piano lessons with a number of performance and educational opportunities throughout the year. Students are encouraged to take part in our recitals as well as participate in such events as studio classes and ensemble opportunities. The Cunningham Music School Piano Program truly has a fit for all piano students.

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The String Program

Our string lessons program provides second-to-none instruction in violin, viola, and cello: our beginning lessons combine elements of traditional and Suzuki instruction, and we encourage all of our students to take part in the regular performances and recitals that Cunningham offers. Adult students are also welcome in our strings studio, whether you are looking to begin a new instrument or you are returning to lessons after previous instruction. Our experienced string faculty is equipped to prepare the student for anything–whether it be the basics in a beginning lesson or more advanced instruction for the experienced player, Cunningham Music School has a place for you.

Meet Our Teachers

The Voice Program

The Voice Program at Cunningham provides an individualized approach to singing and vocal study. Our voice students learn the building blocks of vocal technique, how to maintain good vocal health, and how to use the different parts of their singing voice. Private voice lessons with our voice faculty give students a wide range of experience with a variety of musical styles, a strong technical background, and performance experience, including working with an accompanist. Formal voice training is available and is suitable for the older student (middle-high school and adults), but our unique program also allows for younger students (ages 6-12) to begin to learn the basics of music and musicality, while safely encouraging their voices to grow. All of our voice students receive music theory training, aural training, sight-reading, vocal technique based in the Bel Canto tradition, and the opportunity to sing in our school’s recitals and performances. Our teachers also offer the basics of acting and expression, making our voice students well-rounded performers.

Meet Our Teachers

Meet Our Teachers

Kat Bowman (MM), Director - Piano, Organ, Theory, & Vocal Coaching

Malcolm Brashear (DMA), Piano & Music Theory

Charles dePasquale (MM, MMT), Strings

Ryan Peteraf (MM), Voice, Piano, Organ, Theory

Madalina Danila, Piano

Peter J. Sion, Piano

Rachel Sigman (MM), Voice

Negar Ghasemi, Piano

Jay Chadwick, Piano

Pricing, Hours, and Locations

Lesson Pricing

The Cunningham Music School is happy to offer second-to-none instrumental and vocal programs

30 min. lessons - $135 per month

45-min. lessons - $202.50 per month

One hour lessons - $270 per month

Trial Lessons

The first lesson will count as your trial lesson. Trial lessons are $20 for a 30-minute lesson and allow the student to get to know the teacher.

School Hours

Monday – Fridays: 2 – 8 pm
Saturdays: 9am – 3 pm


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