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Allen Organs

The Organ Group at Cunningham Piano Company recently took a long look at what is available for our region’s churches, homes, and studios in digital classical organs. After carefully considering all that was available, we came to the conclusion that The Allen Organ Company was by far the best choice. Here’s why:

Quality Construction

Every Allen organ is built one at a time with the finest materials and construction techniques. Skilled craftsmen have the goal of providing an instrument that will serve for many decades. We regularly see Allen organs in our region that have been serving their congregation for over 50 years.


With the most stop lists, the greatest number of voice samples, dynamic GeniSys Voices, a full-color touch screen control panel, and note-by-note voicing capabilities, Allen Organs empower today's musicians to meet the demands of their varied musical programs.


The mission of the Allen Organ Company is to produce a sound that affects us in a way no other instrument but a fine pipe organ can. They seek to provide an instrument with every bit of the tone, breadth, and majesty that the world’s finest pipe organs have. Allen Organ is continually at the forefront of digital organ technologies, and their APEX system is the most advanced high resolution organ tone generation system available.

Dependability and Service

Allen Organs are the world's most reliable organs. When required, Allen provides incomparable service through trained personnel supported by Allen's factory service experts. As the world’s largest organ manufacturer located one hour north of Philadelphia, Allen Organ can provide parts and service for every instrument they have ever built, providing a lifetime of service and support.

Sound, Technology & Sustainability

Allen GX-450DK

Allen GX-350

Allen GX-335


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