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Piano tuning ensures that the sounds of the strings match and make the piano sound its best. Getting a piano tuner from Cunningham Piano ensures that your piano will sound its best and get the best care. 

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When keys on a piano are pressed, felt-covered hammers strike metal strings wound around pins embedded in a layered block of hardwood. When those pins are turned, the string tension is adjusted, changing the pitch of each string. Piano tuning ensures that the sounds of the strings match and make the piano sound its best.

For best results, we recommend tuning your piano at least once a year – ideally twice a year when the seasons change, as piano tunings are affected by changes in humidity and temperature. Use the Piano Tuning request form below to request a Cunningham Piano certified piano tuner to work on your piano. We can work with any upright or grand piano from any manufacturer.

Our client list is impressive, including dozens of major universities and thousands of musicians. We would love to take care of you, too! Call our service department today to discuss the best way to care for your piano.
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To ensure that your piano sounds its very best, we recommend having your piano tuned twice a year when the seasons change. Regular tunings will also help our technicians address minor mechanical issues that can prolong the life of your piano when addressed quickly. If your piano is subject to changes in temperature or humidity, we also recommend having a humidity-control system installed to keep your piano in tune longer, prevent soundboard cracks, and avoid costly keyboard action problems down the road.


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