A Centennial Steinway, made in 1876
Year of Manufacture: 1876 Condition: Unparalleled – “The Centennial Grand” was a piano that was designed as a step forward in the evolving art of piano building. This piano was made to compete with others at The 1876 World’s fair in Philadelphia, and the competition was quite important. Many builders tried to express their finest capabilities in this “cutting edge” industry and they hoped that the international attention that a win would garner could propel their companies to another level of recognition. Steinway won this competition. As a historic piece of piano history, we recognize this model as the first “modern piano”, while also hearing a rare glimpse of what the composers of the nineteenth century heard when they composed music for the piano. Our restoration was an attempt to put this piano, as close as it was possible, into the same condition it was in the day it was finished in the factory. There were only 424 Centennial grand pianos made and this is #123, finished in 1876. With this piano, you could have the opportunity to own a piece of musical history, restored by artisans who appreciate and honored its place in history in this restoration. HEAR THIS PIANO AND ITS STORY Size: 8’5″ Warranty: 10 years parts & labor Trade Up Policy: A piano purchased from Cunningham Piano Company comes standard with a 100% trade up policy. This means that you can trade in your first piano and receive a full credit from your first purchase toward your second. All we ask is that the second piano be at least double the value of the first and that the first piano has been serviced by one of our technicians (or a technician approved by Cunningham Piano Company) once a year. Your first service is complimentary. This policy is void if the instrument is abused. Reconditioned, used upright pianos (i.e. spinets, consoles, and studios) can be returned within the first year for a refund of 75% on the purchase price. Electronic pianos do not fall under either of these policies.
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