Madalina Danila returns to The Cunningham Piano Show Podcast

An Intimate Recital Preview with Madalina Danila

Welcome to the world of music and mastery as pianist Madalina Danila takes center stage at Cunningham Piano's Cherry Hill Showroom on Saturday, April 20th at 7 pm. This free recital is not only a showcase of Danila's exceptional talent but also a prelude to her major performance at the prestigious Ruhr Klavier Festival in Germany.

A Family Affair

In a delightful twist revealed in the latest episode of The Cunningham Piano Show podcast, host Hugh Sung interviews his wife, Madalina Danila, who is also the star of the upcoming recital. The setting is none other than their home, adding a personal touch to the conversation. The couple's chemistry adds a layer of warmth to the discussion, making it a unique and intimate peek into the life of a concert pianist.

The Heart of the Recital: Enescu’s Bourrée

Madalina is set to perform a compelling program that includes the last movement of Romanian composer George Enescu's Second Piano Suite in D Major, titled "Bourrée." Described as energetic and triumphant, this piece holds a special place in her heart, representing the vibrant dance styles of the French court during the 16th and 17th centuries. The podcast provides listeners with a stunning preview of the Bourrée, showcasing Madalina's dynamic interpretation and technical prowess.

Beyond Enescu: A Diverse Musical Offering

The recital will feature a variety of other pieces, reflecting Madalina's diverse musical interests and her preparation for a larger concert in Germany. Apart from Enescu, the program includes works by Liszt and the Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona, with his famous "Malagueña" adding a touch of Spanish flair to the evening.

A Glimpse into the Future: The Ruhr Klavier Festival

Looking ahead, the Cherry Hill recital serves as a dry run for Madalina's upcoming performance at the Ruhr Clavier Festival, a major event that attracts some of Europe’s most celebrated classical musicians. Madalina discusses her inclusion in the festival as a significant honor and a formidable challenge, reflecting on her previous performances in Germany and her current preparations.

Educational Endeavors and Artistic Collaborations

Madalina also touches upon her educational pursuits and collaborations, particularly with Lambert Orkis at Temple University, where she is completing her doctoral studies. These experiences have deeply influenced her musical style and choice of repertoire, as evidenced by her inclusion of George Crumb's works, which she will feature in Germany.

Inviting the Community

The podcast episode closes with an invitation to the public to attend this free event, highlighting the accessibility and community engagement that Cunningham Piano aims to promote. Hugh Sung, with his dual role as host and spouse, expresses his excitement and pride in Madalina's achievements and the upcoming recital.


The Cunningham Piano Show Podcast has set the stage for a recital that is more than just a musical event; it is a narrative of personal growth, artistic exploration, and communal sharing. Madalina Danila’s performance on April 20th promises to be a memorable evening for all attendees, offering a sneak peek into what promises to be an illustrious musical journey in Germany. Join her at the Cherry Hill Showroom to experience the magic of music that transcends boundaries and heralds the arrival of spring with melodious celebration.

Madalina Danila Piano Recital at Cunningham Piano Cherry Hill