Yamaha Artist Services
In the middle of Midtown Manhattan there is a location, more of a sanctuary, for musicians. It features rehearsal space, recording space, performance space, a high end brass and wind workshop, and a concert bank of Bösendorfer and Yamaha pianos that would make any pianist weak in the knees. This is Yamaha Artist Services, Inc., or as many musicians affectionately refer to it, YASI. Live performance/recording at Yamaha Artist Services, New York Yamaha-Artist-Services Sir Andras Schiff recently borrowed a Bösendorfer concert grand piano kept here, Cyrus Chestnut just recorded an album here, and many concerts and festivals rely on the support of this organization. ​Since they recently remodeled and updated their recording space, we had to visit! Brass workshop with tools for high end brass work Brass workshop The woodwind workshop Woodwind workshop Performance space from the recording console performance space The space is also set up to "broadcast" live masterclasses and performances with audio and video, but through Disklavier technology, ​the actual live performance itself can be heard on a piano in a different space - in real time. Pianist Mirian Conti recently commented, “One of the things that attracted me the most was the ability to conduct master classes remotely with great teachers,” she adds, “Yamaha technologies will also help bring solo piano music to younger audiences." It was tremendously exciting for us to see and to share what is happening at YASI, New York. We also look forward to working hand in hand with YASI to improve services and instruments available in the Philadelphia region to artists.