Beautiful Minds

Every piano student presents unique opportunities and challenges for parents and teachers. Pranav (10) and Prerna (13) Shankar have been learning to play the piano together for six years with the same teacher. After their solo and duet performances, Pranav and Prerna's mother shares how music has benefitted her children, and how their teacher, Dr. Ray Landers, has been key to encouraging their musical and developmental success. Works performed: Pranav Shankar - Etude in D minor, Op. 1, No. 4 S. 136 by Franz Liszt Prerna Shankar - Consolation No. 3 in D-flat major, S. 172 by Franz Liszt (excerpt) Pranav and Prerna - The Scarlet Cape by Ralph Federer Featured Pianos: Yamaha CF6 Baldwin SF-10 Piano Technician - Dave Bilder Shot on location at Cunningham Piano Co. in King of Prussia, PA

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