Brian Lee on The Cunningham Piano Show Podcast

In the vibrant world of music retail and performance, few personalities shine as brightly as Brian Lee. Manager of Cunningham Piano's Cherry Hill Showroom and the engaging voice behind memorable commercials, Brian’s journey from voiceover artist to music aficionado offers a fascinating glimpse into his diverse talents. His recent appearance on The Cunningham Piano Show Podcast reveals much about his multifaceted career and his profound impact on the music community.

From Voice Actor to Music Retail Guru

Brian's unexpected entry into the world of voice acting began with a fortuitous call from a childhood friend. This led to a four-year stint as the voice for Toonzai on The CW4 Kids, where he lent his voice to promotions for popular shows like "Dragon Ball Z Kai". Interestingly, this was his first foray into voiceover work, a testament to his natural talent and charisma.

Transitioning from voice acting, Brian delved into the world of music retail. His passion for music and adept skills in sales have made him a respected figure in this industry. As the current manager at Cunningham Piano's Cherry Hill showroom, he brings his extensive knowledge and genuine love for musical instruments to every customer interaction.

An Education in Music and Technology

Brian’s educational background is as impressive as his professional one. He graduated from the prestigious Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where he majored in computer music while also diving deep into West African music, piano, and bass guitar. His time at Oberlin wasn't just about gaining a formal education; it was about crafting a foundation that would support his varied musical pursuits.

During the podcast, Brian reminisced about the early '90s electronic music scene and his experiments with then-nascent digital music technologies. He highlighted his use of the program Max, which allows for the creation of music through graphical modules, illustrating his pioneering involvement in electronic music production.

Mastery in Musicianship

Beyond his technical skills, Brian is a seasoned performer. His involvement with the Sky Ensemble, a group known for its improvisational prowess, showcases his ability as a multi-instrumentalist. This ensemble, led by composer Carmen Moore, is celebrated for its innovative performances, often completely improvised, which speaks volumes about the intuitive connection between its members.

The Art of Music Retail

Brian's transition to music retail was as natural as it was inevitable. Starting his career under the mentorship of his junior high school band director's husband, he quickly found his niche. Over the years, he has worked with several prominent piano retailers, including a stint at Frank and Camille's, one of the largest private piano retailers in the country at the time.

What sets Brian apart in the retail space is his ability to fuse his musicianship with his sales expertise. He believes in the power of knowing and loving the product, which in his case, extends from pianos to other musical instruments and technology. This philosophy has not only made him a successful salesperson but also a respected trainer in the industry.

Philosophies on Sales and Customer Engagement

Throughout the podcast, Brian shared his insights into effective sales strategies and customer engagement. He emphasized the importance of attention to detail and the ability to relate to customers on a personal level. According to Brian, successful sales stem from a deep appreciation of the product and the desire to share that passion with others, rather than just executing a transaction.

Conclusion: A Beacon of Passion and Expertise

Brian Lee's story is a compelling example of how diverse talents can converge to create a uniquely successful career. From his early days as a voice actor to his profound contributions to the music retail industry, his journey underscores the power of passion, versatility, and deep-rooted knowledge. As he continues to lead at Cunningham Piano's Cherry Hill showroom, his impact on both customers and colleagues remains profound, proving that in the world of music, Brian Lee is not just a participant but a maestro in his own right.