Heratch Touresian

In this live-streamed Clavinova workshop with Yamaha specialist Heratch Touresian, Heratch demonstrates the incredible breadth of musical possibilities with Yamaha's most advanced line of CVP Clavinovas, from learning to play your favorite songs, to creating fully orchestrated masterworks with thousands of instrument sounds and accompaniment styles.

About Heratch Touresian

Heratch Touresian is an expert in the digital music industry (both hardware and software) who has been working for Yamaha as a technical sales specialist since 2002. Heratch holds a recording degree from the Los Angeles Recording Workshop, has worked in several recording studios. holds credits for programming Stevie Wonderʼs song, “So Whatʼs The Fuss,” also scored several short films, including the award- winning short cartoon, “Santaʼs Camels.” He’s also an accomplished live entertainer who can sing in five different languages. Heratch enjoys motor racing and is a ranked A-level racquetball player, as well as being a skilled soccer player.