Cross Country

In addition to being a Philadelphia landmark since 1891, Cunningham Piano ships pianos across the country and around the world. For folks who live too far away to visit our world-renowned factory and restoration facilities, we offer a "piano concierge/sommelier service", where we spend time with our clients to get to know what their preferences are to help them choose the perfect piano. Recently, we had a number of clients who were really interested in our Cunningham Parlour Grand 5'10" pianos. One in particular - Mike - lived in Boise, Idaho. He had sampled pianos in all the stores in his vicinity, and even traveled up to 300 miles to audition instruments. When he heard about the Cunningham Parlour Grand, and how it had the tonal qualities of a fine premium piano at an affordable price, he took advantage of our 'piano concierge' service and had us select the best instrument from a selection of four that we had available at the time. Right after we selected his piano, Mike had an opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. on business and took a detour to visit our factory in Germantown. Unfortunately, his piano had just been shipped, but he had a chance to experience the passion and dedication of our team of artisan craftsmen working in a 19th century facility dedicated to preserving the art of the piano. No matter where you are in the world, we encourage you to reach out to us - explore our website, watch our videos, and take advantage of our 'piano concierge/sommelier' service. Thank you for choosing Cunningham Piano, Mike! We are so honored to have helped you find the piano of your dreams!