Custom sized keyboards
For well over 100 years the piano keyboard has had a standard width to the keyboard. Whilemanyearlier standard-size-keyboard Standard Sized Keyboard designs were a bit slimmer, the modern sized keyboard works for a majority of pianists. But, what if the "standard keyboard" is uncomfortable for you to play? What if you have to stretch just to play an octave? Does this mean that you should just leave the piano behind and learn to play the trumpet? Of course not! Even through the 20th century there have been manufacturers who would design and build a custom keyboard that is smaller and easier for smaller handed Today, while custom keyboards are not cheap, they are attainable. people to play on. Their keyboards have always been designed to fit into standard instruments.
With the help of David Steinbuhler, a leader in the development of custom sized keyboards, Different sized keyboards Cunningham Piano Company can now offer this option for any piano that we offer for sale. Please join us to meet David Steinbuhler, see one of these keyboards, and learn more about this innovation that has helped many pianists enjoy their instrument more.

When: Wednesday July 13th, from Noon to 5 pm ​ Where: Cunningham Piano Company 5427 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. 19144 (800) 394-1117We ask that you let us know you are coming by clicking the button or by calling us.​