Delwin Fandrich, Piano Designer

Interview with Delwin Fandrich, Piano Designer

At the 2018 Piano Technicians' Guild National Convention, Cunningham Piano Co-Owner Rich Galassini had the opportunity to sit down with a legend in the piano business, Delwin Fandrich ("Del" for short). Delwin Fandrich has made a career doing things differently. He began in the piano industry in 1961 and has spent his entire life studying and working. When you make a short list of prominent piano designers in North America, you will always run into Del Fandrich. In his over 5 decades of work he has been a piano builder, a piano rebuilder and has contributed to design for companies like Baldwin, Charles Walter and Young Chang. His most exciting work today involves looking ahead to where piano materials, design, and execution will be in the future.

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