1960 Steinway B
This Steinway B grand piano was built in 1960, then rebuilt by Steinway 6 years ago. When we received it at Cunningham Piano, we worked our own magic on it, reconditioning and restoring it to pristine condition. One of our customers fell in love with it, declaring that this was his “lifetime piano”. Then, he made a big mistake… He tried one of our Bösendorfer Imperial Grand pianos. He couldn’t get the beautiful Bösendorfer sound and touch out of his mind. After several sleepless nights obsessing over his experience with the Bösendorfer, he decided to trade in his “lifetime” Steinway B to upgrade to his “dream piano”, the Bösendorfer 9 ft. Imperial Grand. This Steinway B is still a piano of a lifetime! Just don’t make the mistake of trying a Bösendorfer at the same time… Check out the classic warm, rich Steinway sound of this piano in the video below.
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