Dr. Indrek Laul
Dr. Indrek Laul, President of The Estonia Piano Company, may be the only man in the world to hold such a position who also holds a doctorate in piano performance. His degree also happens to come from one of the most respected music schools in the world, The Juilliard School in New York City. Dr. Indrek Laul Dr. Laul Growing up in the country of Estonia gave him a love for the instrument most used behind the iron curtain, the Estonia Piano. This love combined with his love of piano performance in general led him to purchase this company, and with time, totally change the way the instrument is made, which led to many world class musicians choosing it. Here in Philadelphia, this piano was chosen by WRTI, Philadelphia's classical and jazz station, for their performance space, as well as many schools and professionals, including super piano virtuoso Marc-Andre Hamelin. In recognition for his accomplishments Dr. Laul was recently awarded his country's Medal of Honor and Glory. Within the world of piano performance these instruments are held in the highest regard world wide and the people of Estonia consider this instrument a national treasure. ​For more information on Estonia pianos, click here.