Final preparations under way for a Fratelli Ruffatti pipe organ in our region
The Classical Organ Group at Cunningham Piano Company is proud to represent Fratelli Ruffatti pipe organs based in Padua, Italy and the internationally based Global Organ Group companies: Johannus Orgelböuw, Rodgers Instruments, and Makin and Copeman Hart, English design organs. This family of companies, with the depth and breadth of their product offerings, allows Cunningham Piano to bring unparalleled solutions for any set of requirements (and desires) for winded, digital and hybrid organs. We have provided organs for the largest churches, chapels and other religious institutions of all sizes, the concert stage, music schools, and private residences. Fratelli Ruffatti, based in Padua, Italy, is one of the world's finest builders of pipe organs. They combine the finest innovations of today, many of which they pioneered, with the best of old world craftmanship for a final result that is always stunning. Nothing they do happens quickly. The entire process of building a world class pipe organ takes time, sometimes years, happen. Each instrument is custom and involves the concept and architeture of the organ, the physical design to fit into a given space, the actual manufacture, and finally the installation. The Fratelli Ruffatti has been going through this process with St. Katherine's of Siena in Wayne, Pa. since 2018. Although COVID has stopped the most recent work, we are pleased to say that work is now carefully happening in their factory. The console is being finished and we are hoping that installation of the instrument will happen later this year. The factory is currently in some of the finer steps of manufacturing. Below we see the actual console for this pipe organ being wired up. We cannot wait to see, hear, and feel the tone of this beautiful instrument in it's final home - St. Katherine of Siena in Wayne, Pa. Fratelli Ruffatti console for St. Katharine’s
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