People to see happy in Presbyterian Church of Lancaster
In 1763, land was granted to be used as a Presbyterian Burial Ground in Lancaster. By 1841, the building that is currently being used for worship by First Presbyterian Church of Lancaster was built. Although this congregation is involved in outreach in their city and region, they are also firmly committed to honoring the sacrifice that was made by the members over the past century. Part of that was the provision of World Class pianos for their Music Ministry. Rather than simply replacing pianos that were designed to be beautifully restored, the church is investing the extra time and trouble and shipping them, one at a time, to Cunningham Piano Company here in Philadelphia. Don Hackett, Asst. Pastor, commented:
"We have been extremely pleased with the whole process of restoration of our beloved and historic grand pianos. These instruments will help inspire and comfort our people for generations to come. We highly recommend the Cunningham Piano Company for their excellent craftsmanship and customer service. Blessings to you and your ​ team!"