Siena Roman Catholic Church
Cunningham Piano Company of Philadelphia and Fratelli Ruffatti of Padova, Italy are delighted to announce a new organ project for St. Katharine of Siena Roman Catholic Church in Wayne, Pennsylvania. The new organ will have 37 ranks of all new pipe work with a 10 rank POSITIV/Antiphonal exposed on cantilevered chests located in the front of the church, and the balance of the instrument installed in the Choir Gallery at the rear. There will be two matching consoles installed on moveable platforms so that the organ may be played from the main floor or from the Choir Gallery.

As a part of the celebration of the church’s 125th Anniversary of its founding, there will also be a new Bosendorfer 225 (7’4”) Grand Piano as well as the new organ. The new instruments will support the growing music program of the parish as well as offering outstanding instruments for community outreach through their continuing Fine Arts Series.

For more information on other installations by Fratelli Ruffatti please go to Notable Installations.

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