"Frozen Reflections": Chamber Music by Nina Siniakova - New Album Release Concert

Nina Siniakova is a world-renowned composer, pianist, educator, Artist-in-Residence at Cunningham Piano, and dedicated mother of four children. We are delighted to be celebrating the release of her new album, "Frozen Reflections" with a concert featuring chamber and solo piano works from the album, performed at Cunningham Piano in King of Prussia on Saturday, November 19 at 7 pm.  Click here to RSVP  “I think of this album as a set of novels”, says composer Nina Siniakova. “Each of the novels is a unique take on beauty, since beauty is probably the quality I value in life the most. Beauty of the moment, of memory, of sadness, love or an emotion is what we want to keep. I tried creating pieces of transparent texture with a touch of complexity, as a human's inner world, especially that of a woman, is transparent and complex at the same time.” The result is a sincere monologue of a composer addressed to the listeners. “Frozen Reflections” includes compositions written for various sets of instruments, some of which are rather unusual. Works for violin and harpsichord, three cellos and double bass, and a woodwind quintet alternate with compositions for solo piano performed by Nina Siniakova herself. Stylistically solid, yet diverse in its musical elements, Siniakova’s works present carefully thought-through, elegant, sophisticated music that inspire profound thoughts and desires to explore. The team of musicians, sound engineers and those who requested the works unites four countries and six cities. “Frozen Reflections” is now available on-line for downloading on all platforms, including Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Music. 

About the composer:  

Nina Siniakova is a musician of a diverse cultural background and broad interests. Her music explores eternal subjects of beauty, love, life, and death. Her colleagues describe her style as “unique and refined” (Mark Hagerty) , which in their opinion makes Nina Siniakova “one of the most interesting composers of her generation” (Krzysztof Meyer). Her interests in musical genres span music written in contemporary classical styles to minimalism, jazz, easy listening, and music for children. Siniakova is a recipient of numerous awards, including First Prize and People’s Choice Award at Andrey Petrov Symphonic Music competition in St. Petersburg, Russia (for Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra), stipend of DAAD (German Students’ Exchange Service), stipend of Exploring the Metropolis program NYC and many others. A Doctor of Musical Arts, Nina received her education at Minsk Glinka Music College, St-Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory and Musikhochschule Cologne. Besides music she also studied acting professionally. Official website www.ninasiniakova.com