Glenn Clutter on the Cunningham Piano Show Podcast

In an enlightening episode of the Cunningham Piano Show, host Hugh Sung delves into the remarkable career of Glenn Clutter, the esteemed manager of Cunningham Piano's Delmar, Delaware showroom. Clutter, with a legacy spanning over five decades in the piano industry, shares insights into his extensive experience, notable interactions with famous artists, and his current role at Cunningham Piano.

Early Beginnings in the Piano World

Glenn Clutter's foray into the piano business began at the young age of 18, initially joining his brother in the organ business in Salisbury, Maryland, as a delivery person. This role marked the start of what would become a lifelong passion and career in selling pianos and organs. Clutter's early days were filled with diverse sales experiences, sparking a love for the ever-changing nature of each transaction.

Transition to a Respected Industry Representative

Throughout his career, Clutter evolved from a retail salesman to a revered representative for some of the biggest names in the piano industry, including Baldwin, Bechstein, Petroff, and Young Chang. His transition from owning a retail operation to working in wholesale allowed him to impact the industry on a larger scale, selling pianos by the truckload and supporting dealers across the country.

A Life of Travel and Unique Experiences

Clutter's role required extensive travel, bringing him to nearly every piano store in the United States and many factories worldwide. His travels weren't just about business; they were also filled with unique stories and encounters with celebrities like Usher and Prince, providing a glimpse into the personal side of some of the music industry's biggest names.

The Attraction to Cunningham Piano

After retiring and stepping away from the piano business, Clutter couldn't resist the call of the industry he loves. He joined Cunningham Piano, drawn by a longstanding relationship and mutual respect. His decision was influenced by Cunningham's honesty, trust, and the family-like atmosphere the company cultivates, which aligns with Clutter's values and approach to business.

The Unique Charm of the Delmar, Delaware Store

Clutter's current stewardship of the Delmar showroom brings no sales tax benefits to customers, an exclusive selection of prestigious brands like Yamaha and Bosendorfer, and a personal touch that only someone with Clutter's experience can offer. Despite the store's low profile, Clutter's reputation and approach to selling pianos—emphasizing that pianos are purchased, not sold—continue to attract discerning buyers.

A Philosophy Rooted in Respect and Understanding

Clutter believes in the emotional and personal nature of buying a piano, recognizing it as a decision that becomes part of a family's legacy. His philosophy of sales, shaped by years of experience and interactions, focuses on respect, patience, and understanding the deep connection people have with music and instruments.


Glenn Clutter's journey through the piano world is a testament to his passion, expertise, and the deep relationships he's forged over the years. As a key figure at Cunningham Piano's Delmar showroom, he continues to influence the industry, mentor new talent, and serve customers with the wisdom only decades of experience can provide. Clutter's story is not just about pianos; it's about the music of life, resonating through every note of his remarkable career.