Children playing piano in Summer
Why is Summertime a good time to begin Piano Lessons? The beginning of the school year is by far the most popular time to begin piano lessons, but choosing this time also presents some challenges. There are already lots of new things entering a child's life at this time, new teachers, new courses, maybe even a new school. Summertime is a relaxed time and piano can offer a great "new thing" to explore without trying to fit it in between the other pressures of school. Is Your Child Ready for Piano Lessons? You would like for your children to have a new and positive experience learning to play the piano. The problem is, it can sometimes be a challenge trying to figure out when a child is ready to learn. A few things can help someone figure out if their child is ready to start any kind of music lessons. Here are a few thoughts:
  • Attention span. To have the best first piano experience, the experience should fit the child. Children need to have the ability to focus, at least for a little while when considering traditional piano lessons. A three year old who cannot yet sit still for a few minutes at a time would have a better experience in a "Music readiness" class or a Suzuki piano program.
  • The right match of teacher and student. Matching the right teacher with your child is important, particularly in traditional piano lessons. Feel free to interview a prospective teacher and find out more about their teaching style and policies. Many teachers provide an initial interview for just this reason.
  • Love of music. Most children have a natural love of music. It is natural for a child to move to music and joyfully experience the beat and melody. If your child has not shown any joy of music, don't worry! Starting them on music lessons might awaken that joy.
Are You Ready for Piano Lessons? If this is something that you have desired for yourself, then what better time than summer to try it out? For every adult that tries piano, we know there are hundreds more who would like to, but just have not yet taken that step. Here are some great tips for any adult beginner:
  • Play the songs you enjoy. Some people really want to learn music that they already love. A goal of learning to play a melody you already enjoy can be a great motivator.
  • Relieve stress, have fun. The piano is a soothing instrument. It can help you get through or enjoy even more any mood that you are in. Playing piano changes us physiologically. It lowers blood pressure, it raises certain positive hormone levels, and it relieves stress!
  • Wanting to learn. If this is something you desire, you will likely have success doing it. You may not play like Mozart your first year, but you can have lots of fun.
  • Learn something new. In mature adults playing piano keeps the mind sharp in a way that few other things do. With age our brains tend to begin running on auto pilot, already able to do many things we ask of it with little effort. Learning a new skill like piano forces the mind to think in a new way.
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