Honoring Mrs. Sokoloff
On Sunday, January 17th, at Philadelphia's newest art museum, The Barnes Foundation, an exciting and historic event occurred. Cunningham Piano Company organized and sponsored an afternoon of music we called "Honoring Mrs. Sokoloff". Bösendorfer joined us by loaning the spectacular Opus 50000 for the occasion. At 101 years old, Mrs. Sokoloff has been a piano teacher at Curtis Institute for 84 years! The afternoon was dedicated to honoring her life's work and what better way to celebrate that than by hearing her students? The line up included stand out students and artists alike. We heard Nina Hu, Zitong Wang, Daniel Hsu, Bolai Cao, Jenny Chen, Hugh Sung, Min Kwon, and Susan Starr! Mrs. Sokoloff loved having her students play for her and clearly loved what they said to her as well. All in attendance were able to greet her and have private access to The Barnes Collection as well. We thank all of those who made this afternoon as wonderful as it was.

Opus 50000 Bösendorfer

duet performance

Rich Galassini

two Chopin Etudes