Thursday, October 17, 2019, FULL DAY, beginning at 9 am

David Andersen is a nationally recognized piano technician who is based in Los Angeles. He has been a friend of Cunningham Piano Company for many years and an open admirer of our work. (We think he is great as well). Over his long career of working on world class instruments for high end clients, he has become an expert in bringing out the best that any piano can offer. As a result, has an impressive list of celebrities, film score musicians, recording studios, and institutional clients. Further, David is a “beautiful soul” whose principle mission is to raise the level of professionalism within our small, but dedicated industry. We are pleased to announce that David is traveling to Philadelphia to share his knowledge by spending a full day with other professional piano technicians of all levels. David would like to share with as many technicians as have the desire to spend their time with him so the cost of the day is only $50.00, which includes lunch. Please fill out the form to register. We will be in touch for payment and to recommend hotel accommodations, if necessary. Cunningham Piano Company Restoration Factory 26 E. Coulter Street Philadelphia, PA PA 19144