Beautiful girl Cunningham Piano Intern
Maya is an intern in our factory. She is a fast learner, very bright, and a fine pianist as well. Maya did not hesitate to join a field dominated by men and she is excelling in it as a young woman. She is living the phrase, "Girls can do anything." CPC: Tell me a little about where you go to school. Maya: So I go to Germantown friends school which is right down the street. CPC: Okay and what year you in? Maya: I'm a junior CPC: Okay great, and so tell me a little about what got you interested in coming to Cunningham Piano. Maya: So, there's this thing that we have at our school called a Junior Project, which is where every junior at the school has to do some sort of internship, whether it be working in a mechanic’s to working on Wall Street. And so, I play piano - I'm a jazz pianist - but I'm also interested in science and working with my hands. So I thought that Cunningham Piano would be a good combination of learning how my passion of playing the piano, like the background, and how it works. And also it was very convenient because Cunningham Piano is right down the street, so it was nice, I can drive here. I always wondered what happened here because every day in my math class I can see the big Cunningham Piano sign outside the street. I would look out I wonder what happened in that factory, and now I know. CPC: So tell me a little about what you're doing right now? What are some of the jobs that Jason has given you. Maya: So, right now I am taking out the strings. First, I had to undo the pins with this . Then I had to take out this wire from - I forget the word - the little hole inside the pin - and then after that I am going to use a hook to take out all the strings, so basically it’s like de-stringing the piano. CPC: Very cool. What's one really surprising thing that you learned from interning here? Maya: I did not realize how complex a piano was! There are so many parts and each part has to contribute to making the piano work well. I didn’t really appreciate the complexity of the piano until now. CPC: Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!