Radam Schwartz and Gene Ghee

In a recent episode of the Cunningham Piano Show podcast, host Hugh Sung had the privilege of speaking with two luminaries of the jazz world, Radam Schwartz and Gene Ghee, who are set to perform with the Radam Schwartz Quartet at Cunningham Piano's Cherry Hill Showroom on Sunday, April 28, at 3 pm. This concert is a highlight of the ongoing Jazz & Blues Showcase series, offering a unique opportunity to experience the synergy of jazz organ and tenor saxophone from these seasoned artists.

Radam Schwartz: The Hammond B3 Maestro

Radam Schwartz, celebrated for his mastery over the Hammond B3 organ, shared insights into his illustrious career spanning over 35 years, touching on his influence within the jazz community and his notable album "Organized," recognized in the Hammond B3 Bible. Schwartz's commitment to jazz education has seen him mentoring generations of musicians, fostering a vibrant jazz scene through his long-standing weekly jazz sessions in New Jersey.

Gene Ghee: Tenor Saxophone Virtuoso

Gene Ghee, renowned for his exceptional skill on the tenor saxophone, recounted his journey through the jazz landscape, including collaborations with legends such as Art Blakey and Stevie Wonder. Ghee's dedication to music education and his role in shaping young talents was also a focal point of the conversation, highlighting his multi-instrumental prowess and deep roots in jazz history.

Upcoming Performance: A Jazz Convergence

The podcast delved into the dynamics of the upcoming concert where Schwartz and Ghee, as part of the Radam Schwartz Quartet, will showcase their extraordinary talents. The performance promises to be a deep dive into the essence of jazz, with a repertoire carefully selected to highlight the quintessential jazz organ and saxophone experience.

Listeners were given a sneak peek into the chemistry between Schwartz and Ghee, who have shared stages and shaped jazz sounds together over the years. The concert at Cunningham Piano's Cherry Hill Showroom is anticipated to be a celebration of jazz's enduring legacy and its continuous evolution, embodied by the virtuosity of Schwartz, Ghee, and their quartet.

Reflections on Jazz and Its Future

The episode also touched on the future of jazz, with both guests discussing the importance of live performance spaces for emerging talents and the role of audiences in sustaining the jazz tradition. Schwartz and Ghee emphasized the need for fostering a new generation of jazz enthusiasts and musicians, ensuring the vibrant continuation of this rich musical genre.

This insightful conversation not only sets the stage for an unforgettable concert but also reinforces the significance of jazz as a living, breathing art form that resonates across generations. Don't miss the chance to witness the Radam Schwartz Quartet in action on April 28, for a performance that promises to be a highlight of this year's jazz calendar.