Cunningham Piano Music School
On Sunday, September 24th, we will be celebrating the Grand Opening of the Cunningham Piano Company Music School! We've been getting a ton of calls and emails about our lessons, our classes, and our programming and we are excited to celebrate our opening with you! In celebration of that, here are some quick answers to the FAQ's we've been getting since our soft opening in April: Q: What lessons and classes do you offer? A: The Cunningham Piano Co Music School offers piano lessons at the Music School in King of Prussia, voice lessons at the Music School in King of Prussia, Early Ears Developmental Music at the Music School in King of Prussia, and Show Choir at the Music School in King of Prussia. We also offer travel piano lessons in your own home in Philadelphia and Doylestown, and travel voice lessons in your own home in Philadelphia. Q: What is Early Ears Developmental Music? Early Ears Developmental Music is our mommy-and-me music class taught at the Music School in the King of Prussia location. This class is for children from 6 months-5 years of age and their families. Developmental music classes emphasize music's effect on adolescent development, particularly listening, interpersonal skills, communication skills, and multitasking. Curious about the 'hows and whys' of music's effects on neurological development in infants and toddlers? One of our favorite articles on that can be found here. Curious about who we have running the program? Read a full interview with the head of our developmental music program, Lauren Lucerne MT-BC here. Q: How do you choose your staff? A: All of our staff hold at least a B.A. in the instrument they are teaching (some of our staff hold higher degrees than that.) This means that if you studied voice lessons here at the Cunningham Piano Co. Music School, your teacher would hold an undergraduate degree or higher in vocal performance, or music education and voice. Why? Because our student body is so diverse. Our teachers are equipped to handle students from the beginner level to the advanced level, they are knowledgeable not only in their instrument of study but in music history and music theory, they are equipped to handle students that have special needs, and they are all highly creative and highly personable. Our goal was to make sure that our teachers were able to help every student find what place music had in their life and help them get there, and so far, we're accomplishing it well. Our staff teaches beginners, they coach professionals, they're helping people pursue music casually and helping other people prepare to make it their career. Q: Where can I find pricing and lesson package information? A: We have it all right here. Also, you can always call the main office at 215-991-0847. Q: What is your relation to Cunningham Piano Company? A: The Cunningham Piano Company Music School is simply the educational branch of the Cunningham Piano Company. We are the same company. You can expect the same customer satisfaction and dedication to music, arts, and community outreach from us that you've seen from Cunningham since 1891. Q: How can I find out more about the events you're doing for free in the community? A: Follow us on Facebook! Our next music school community event is going to be done through the Montgomery County Library system. We will be announcing what libraries we will be at and what age groups the classes will be appropriate for at the beginning of each month. Our first stop is at the Upper Merion County Library in October! We will also be announcing our choirs performances around the area (particularly during the holidays!). Q: We love our teacher! We've referred students! A: We LOVE that--nothing is more of a compliment than to hear that you like what we're doing so much you want the people in your life to experience it as well. Your referral will be signed up with no registration fee and you will receive a free lesson for the next time you buy a lessons package. (i.e.- if you give us a referral and you have purchase a semester lessons package, your first lesson of the next semester's lessons package will be free) Q: Wait, Grand Opening Celebration. You said something about that in the beginning of the article? Can I come? How much is it? A: I sure did. Of course you can come, what's a party without you? Come out and join us on Sunday, September 24th at 4PM. It's free, but we do ask that you RSVP by emailing We'd like to make sure there's enough food and drinks for everyone. Come out and enjoying a student and faculty recital, along with activities and giveaways.
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