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This September, we will be coming up on our first year of offering voice lessons and piano lessons! September will also mark a year of Early Ears Developmental Music and the beginning of the development of what would eventually become the Shining Stars Performance Prep Program. We are thrilled to celebrate our first birthday! To mark our first year of being a music school, we will be introducing some new programming in September of 2018.

Violin/Viola Lessons Program

One of our new program being introduced to the school is the violin/viola lessons program! It will be speared-headed by Lucia Lostumbo, an excellent strings teacher with years of experience and a degree in violin performance from Temple University's Boyer College of Music. We are thrilled to have Lucia join the Cunningham Music School family, and we're even more excited to start strings lessons here at the Cunningham Music School. For more information on our strings program, get in contact with us here:

Music Therapy Based Lessons and Music Therapy Sessions

Music therapy based lessons differ from music education based lessons in that the teacher will plan around the student in real time. These lessons are appropriate for students who are physically capable of playing the piano but have emotional, behavioral, or neurological differences that may sometimes prevent them from taking in the lesson material like a neurotypical student would. These are, however, real music lessons that are based on educational goals (and not therapeutic goals!) Your student will learn musical concepts, techniques, and theory--just in the way that's best for them! Music Therapy Sessions have therapeutic goals instead of educational goals! They help students accomplish things through music! These goals can work on emotional development, cognitive skills, interpersonal skills, and much more! These sessions are open to students who are physically incapable of playing instruments or speaking or singing--they're for anyone and everyone!
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