Yamaha Enspire

Nothing fills a home quite like the sound of a beautiful piano. Now imagine listening to your favorite artists, not just playing your piano live, but singing with their entire band. This Yamaha Enspire is the closest you’ll get to having the world’s best artists playing right in your home. The Enspire is the world’s best reproducing piano, reproducing each artist’s touch and tone with perfect fidelity. And with the built-in speakers, your piano becomes a concert stage for your favorite bands. With the Yamaha Enspire’s wireless internet capabilities, you can download your favorite songs and subscribe to dozens of music genres through Disklavier Radio. The free Enspire app lets you control your piano from any iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone. And not only can you listen to your favorite songs - you can watch them being performed as well, through Yamaha’s Disklavier TV connected to your Enspire piano. Bring the music home with Yamaha’s Enspire.