Pianist Marina Lomazov

In a recent episode of the Cunningham Piano Show podcast, the spotlight shone brightly on Marina Lomazov, a pianist whose talents have enchanted audiences worldwide. Host Hugh Sung's conversation with Lomazov offered listeners an intimate glimpse into the life, philosophy, and expertise of this remarkable musician. This weekend, Lomazov's fans and aspiring pianists have a unique opportunity to experience her mastery firsthand. On Saturday, March 16, at 11 am, she will be leading a piano masterclass at Cunningham Piano's Cherry Hill showroom. Furthermore, her interpretation of Gershwin's "Rhapsody In Blue" alongside the Philharmonic of Southern New Jersey, under the baton of Music Director James Anderson, promises to be a highlight on Sunday, March 17, at 3 pm.

A Conduit of Musical Traditions

Born in Ukraine, Lomazov's journey to musical excellence began long before she graced the international stage. Emigrating to the United States with her family as a teenager, she navigated her new world with the resilience and adaptability that have come to define her career. The rich musical culture of her homeland, coupled with rigorous training in the United States, has endowed Lomazov with a deep spiritual connection to music, viewing it as a universal language that transcends words.

During the podcast, Lomazov shared insights into her approach to jazz, a genre that, despite its perceived freedom, demands meticulous rhythmic discipline. Her ability to navigate different musical styles with ease and precision reflects a broader theme in her career: the adaptability and continuous learning that music demands.

Pedagogy and Performance: A Dual Passion

Lomazov's dedication to education is as profound as her performance career. She spoke passionately about the significance of passing knowledge to the next generation, a sentiment rooted in gratitude to her own mentors. With roles as an educator at the Eastman School of Music and the artistic director of the Vivace Music Foundation, Lomazov has committed herself to nurturing budding talents, emphasizing the importance of a personalized teaching approach that considers each student's unique needs and potential growth paths.

Her upcoming masterclass at Cunningham Piano is more than just a lesson in technique; it's an opportunity for students to connect with a musician who sees teaching as a sacred transmission of artistic lineage. Lomazov's pedagogical approach, informed by her extensive performance career, emphasizes the cultivation of musicianship as much as technical prowess.

The Universal Language of Music

Lomazov's conversation with Hugh Sung revealed her belief in music as a cornerstone of human experience, a source of communal joy and individual fulfillment. This philosophy underpins her approach to both performing and teaching, underscoring the transformative power of music. Her upcoming performances are a testament to her versatility and commitment to sharing the beauty of music with a broader audience.

The piano masterclass and concert featuring "Rhapsody In Blue" are not just events; they are invitations to experience the depth and breadth of Lomazov's artistry. For those fortunate enough to attend, these engagements promise to be a profound reminder of music's ability to inspire, teach, and connect us all.

Marina Lomazov performs Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue with the Philharmonic of Southern New Jersey this Sunday, March 17, 3 pm at Eastern Regional High School, Voorhees Township, NJ