Melody Fader on The Cunningham Piano Show

In an enlightening episode of The Cunningham Piano Show, host Hugh Sung sits down with the remarkably talented pianist, Melody Fader, to delve into the artistry behind her upcoming performance at Cunningham Piano's Cherry Hill Showroom on Sunday, March 24th at 3 pm. The episode offers a deep dive into Fader's musical journey, her unique approach to performance, and the intricate program of Beethoven and Liszt she has meticulously prepared for her audience.

A Dream Inspires a Debussy Love

Fader, who was traditionally focused on Beethoven and Chopin, shares an enchanting story of how a dream inspired her to explore Debussy, specifically "Reflets dans l'eau" from Images, Book One. This pivotal moment not only transformed her repertoire but also her appreciation for music's power to evoke imagery and emotion. Fader eloquently describes the piece as if music and water were one and the same, showcasing her deep connection to the compositions she chooses to bring to life.

The Barefoot Pianist

A striking aspect of Fader's performance style is her choice to play barefoot, a topic that piques Sung's curiosity. Fader explains that this practice offers her a more intimate connection with the piano, allowing for more nuanced control over the pedaling. This decision stems from a desire for authenticity and comfort, highlighting her holistic approach to her craft.

Dancing on the Keys

Fader's extensive background as a dance pianist, including her tours with the Dance Theater of Harlem, infuses her piano playing with a unique sense of movement and grace. This physicality in her music brings a distinct dance-like quality to her performances, something that Sung notes as a beautiful fusion of music and movement.

Exploring Beethoven and Liszt

The core of the conversation revolves around the challenging program Fader has chosen, featuring works by Beethoven and Liszt. She shares her intention to highlight the composers' emotional and stylistic development, choosing pieces that showcase their evolution. From the "Moonlight Sonata" to Liszt's "Bagatelle Sans Tonalité," Fader aims to take her audience on a journey through the composers' lives, showcasing the breadth of their genius.

Beyond the Recital

Looking ahead, Fader discusses her future projects, including her chamber music series and upcoming collaborations. Her passion for exploring the depths of classical music and its capacity for expression shines through as she talks about her goals to push the boundaries of classical performance.

A Musical Invitation

As the interview draws to a close, Sung and Fader extend an invitation to listeners to experience the upcoming recital, promising an afternoon of exquisite music that speaks to the soul. Fader's dedication to her art, combined with her thoughtful approach to programming, ensures this will be an event to remember.

Closing Thoughts

Melody Fader's appearance on The Cunningham Piano Show offers a rare glimpse into the mind of a pianist dedicated to exploring the emotional landscapes of classical music. Her performance at Cunningham Piano's Cherry Hill Showroom is not just a recital but a journey through the heart of musical expression.