Hugh Sung

Welcome to Cunningham Piano. I'm Hugh Sung. I'm on the campus of Temple University in the process of loading up two keyboard labs for the Esther Boyer College of Music, both here in Presser Hall and our next stop will be Rock Hall. So excited to have this opportunity to provide some amazing Clavinovas, Yamaha Clavinova labs for Temple University and wow, I mean these instruments are beautiful. We're providing CLP-645s for the student keyboards and the teacher models will be the CVP-805. This is the latest version of some amazing piano technology. And it's interesting, we were originally slated to provide CVP-705s, but we ran out, so they got a free upgrade. How cool is that? So I don't think anybody's complaining about getting better instruments instead. But man, I can't wait to get the reaction from the teachers and students once they see their brand new labs. A snowy cold day, but amazing day for both Temple University and for Cunningham Piano and Yamaha. So thank you Temple University for giving us the opportunity to serve you this way.

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