Jim Colorado Piano Concierge 2
Imagine living in Rural Southwest Colorado. The surrounding natural wonders include mountainous forests and huge beautiful canyons. The peace and beauty of living in this area has inspired James Ardnt in so many ways on a daily basis. He loves living here, but the life he chose did not help him when it came to finding a variety of instruments to choose from when he decided he wanted a piano. For a piano store to exist, it needs to be in a metropolitan area where it has exposure to a large number of people. This will mean that there is an appetite for music, that there will be teachers, piano technicians, and yes, customers. While James has no aversion to cities, he loves the “country life” that he has chosen. This made piano shopping a challenge. “I traveled two hours in one direction to find a piano store” James shared. “Then I traveled almost six hours in another direction to see another piano store. I saw pianos, but I didn’t see anything that appealed to me in a price range that I felt comfortable with. This was becoming a challenging project for me. That is when I stumbled on the Cunningham Piano Company’s website.” James had lived on the East Coast and had heard of Cunningham Piano Company before, and his first phone call was just about asking advice. “I called because I knew that they were experts at Cunningham PIano Company and they could probably help me sort through what I had seen and give me some advice on what might be the best choice from what was available. But then”, James said, “ I began to speak with their staff, look through their inventory on their website, and learn more about pianos.” After a few chats, James remembers Rich Galassini saying, “Why not let me in on the action?” “I really thought that there was no way that Cunningham Piano in Philadelphia could recondition a baby grand piano, make it sound, fell, and look like a really beautiful instrument, warranty it, and then ship it to my home in the price range that I had hoped for. But after several conversations about what I liked, and didn’t like, in the sound, feel, and look of a piano, they found the perfect instrument for me. They shipped it to my home and it just looks perfect there. I love the way it sounds, I love the way it feels, and my wife is delighted with the way it looks, so we are very happy.” James added, “I am so glad I made that first phone call. It made the entire process that originally seemed so daunting into a pleasure.” If you are looking for a piano, don’t worry about where you live. Call us and take advantage of our services. At Cunningham, we call it our piano concierge service. After learning about what you desire as a pianist in the touch, tone, and the look of a piano, we will go to work and help you choose an instrument that you will be thrilled to own and thrilled to play. Call us at 800 394-1117 or email us at piano@cunninghampiano.com.