1990 Yamaha C5
Yamaha C5 – 1990 Cunningham Piano Company has been world famous for generations for their excellent work in making older pianos sing as if they were brand new again. Sometimes an instrument needs many months of structural work, including a new soundboard, key set, action parts, bridges, finish, and more. However, occasionally we come upon a very fine piano that still has decades of life in it, but didn’t have the benefit of meticulous maintenance. A fine piano that has not had fine regular maintenance still needs many hours of work, but that work has much more finesse than replacing a soundboard, or pulling out a cast iron plate. A piano like this that has been a bit ignored, a bit abused – a piano like this needs careful and loving attention. Many fine adjustments are needed – to action parts, to hammers, to damper rails, to dampers, strings, and keys themselves. Regulation, voicing, a pitch raise, and a fine tuning – and then the work is repeated. At the end of the process the piano has been transformed in tone and in touch. Please enjoy as our own Hugh Sung discovers how this 1990 Yamaha C5 has been transformed by the careful attention of our world class technicians.