Yamaha NU1X Hybrid Upright Piano

The NU1X is Yamaha’s newest version of their popular hybrid upright piano from their AvantGrand series. The NU1X features real wooden keys, action and vertical hammers, providing the most realistic touch and responsiveness of an acoustic upright piano. The NU1X features the sounds of Yamaha’s CFX 9′ concert grand and Bösendorfer Imperial Grand pianos. One of my favorite new features of this instrument is the binaural CFX audio, which makes listening to the NU1X through headphones sound like you’re in the 3D space where the Yamaha CFX was actually recorded. You have to experience it for yourself to believe the effect! The low footprint of the NU1X makes it easy to look overhead to work with students, choirs, and ensembles, and will fit comfortably in small spaces. The NU1X is a terrific practice piano, with the quality and durability that Yamaha is legendary for, and it never needs to be tuned!