Piano Parts Suppliers
Any tool is only as good as the hand that holds it. Any part is only as good as the technician who installs it. So when considering what parts are used in your piano, make sure you consider who is doing the work and why that technician chose one part over another. There are only a few premium part supply houses in the world. Cunningham is proud to do business with all of them and will gladly discuss the merits of each and how it applies to your piano. Our goal is to duplicate the worn out part that is being removed to as exact a specification as possible. Cunningham Sources Piano Parts from Top Manufacturer Steinway of New York, Renner of Stuttgart, Germany, and Bolduc of Quebec, Canada make many parts that are designed for the rebuilding of pianos. It should be noted that Renner, considered to be the best piano part manufacturer in the world, has supplied parts for Steinway for decades and that Bolduc is the biggest new Steinway dealer in his area of Canada, so these three companies are very familiar with each other and enjoy a great relationship. Cunningham uses these three companies in almost all instances to ensure the highest quality end result. The choice of what part to use is never about which part costs less. Considering that all three of these piano part suppliers have cost structures that are basically equivalent, our choices are based on making the piano perform as it did originally. Sometimes piano salespeople can feel like politicians battling for office, arguing over the quality of their competitors (or lack thereof) and the impact they have on your piano's value. The time honored traditions in piano part manufacturing, in reality, includes no magic and very little marketing. One can plainly see the quality of the part and usefulness of design with their eyes, hands, and ears.