Piano Technician
The end of 2016 marks many positive changes for Cunningham Piano Company. But 2016 also marked the loss of a respected colleague, a great craftsman, and a good friend. Joseph Cossolini, Joe to his friends, was a musician, a composer, and an artist, but had a wonderful career as a piano technician and piano rebuilder. He eagerly shared his knowledge with younger piano technicians, students, and interested customers, but never slowed his own learning in the field. We were so lucky to have him at Cunningham Piano Company. His positive demeanor, enthusiasm for quality, and drive to make each instrument the best it could be continue to shape our staff and will for years to come. ​Here are a few photos of Joe in action: Previous Next Joe was also very proud to represent our company as the "star" of a documentary on our new Matchless Cunningham pianos. See the episode: Joe, we miss you. Rest In Peace, friend.