Kat Bowman Learning Tips
Having trouble setting a practice routine? Check out this video from Kat Bowman, speaking on how to create and maintain good practice habits at any level and with any schedule:
Are you having difficultly working through a technical passage? Benjamin D’Annibale talks about how to approach difficult technical passages with not just technical proficiency but with creativity in mind. He is specifically talking about piano practice here, but our voice and string staff absolutely agree that the concept can be applied to different instruments.
Is music making always about technical proficiency? Absolutely not–we would argue that technical proficiency are simply means to an end, and that end is connecting with ourselves and others through music. To give an example of self-connection, Tara Simpson MT-BC sets up a song and dance activity for our families at home who want their littles to connect with any anxious feelings, overwhelmed feelings, or excited feelings and then wiggle them out in a healthy way. Watch Tara here on our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cunninghammusicschool/videos/221726788897397/ Music gives us a sense of community. Something as simple as a group sing can bring us together. Watch Marianne, our elementary music expert, teach our students a ‘group sing’ activity to take part in either with her video or with a group of people at home: https://www.facebook.com/cunninghammusicschool/videos/499833330686799/