The String Program at the Cunningham Music School

Our string lessons program offers second-to-none instruction in violin, viola, cell and bass: our beginner program has both Suzuki and Traditional instruction offered, and we have all of our young beginner students take part in a string group class to start building thier ensemble skills right off the bat. Adult beginners are also welcome to take part in a beginner ensemble, but it is not a requirement for them. Cunningham Music School is THE one-stop-shop for string lessons on the Mainline. We've taken our years of instrument buying expertise and applied it to the string rental world--you can rent or purchase your instrument right through us! We'll talk to you and your teacher about what the most appropriate instrument would be for you and your musical goals and if we don't have it in stock, we'll have it in for you before the end of your first months of lessons. Until then, we have loaner instruments that you can begin your study on. Our string staff is equipped to prepare you or your student for anything--whether it be the basics in beginner lessons, or if it's professional coaching after you've received your Bachelor's Degree in String Performance, Cunningham Music School is the place for you.

What is the difference between Suzuki and Traditional instruction?

Suzuki is best for young children (between the ages of 4-9 years of age). It is a method that encourages children to learn music the way they learn language-- In music and in language, you hear and understand first. Speech comes next in language, and in music playing is the equivalent. The last step for learning your first language, as you may remember, is learning to read and write--with music it's the same! The last step in Suzuki is teaching students how to read music and rhythm. The traditional method approached things a bit differently--students start to learn to read pitch and rhythm from the get-go, and develop their musical ear and playing abilities alongside the ability to read music.

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