The Voice Program at the Cunningham Music School

Voice Lessons

The Cunningham Music School’s voice program is incredibly unique in that we are happy to take students between the ages of 5-12 (many vocal studios don’t take students until after their post-pubescent voices settle). Our young students learn the building blocks of solid vocal technique without over-exerting their young voices, how to maintain solid vocal health, how to use the different parts of their singing voice safely, and most importantly–how to sing pieces with complex melodies and rhythms in a safe range, and learn the basic theory behind the pieces. In addition to our unique elementary voice programming, we also take private voice students from ages 13+. These lessons give students experience with a variety of styles, a strong technical background, performance experience, and experience working with an accompanist. All of our voice students receive music theory training, aural training, sight-reading, vocal technique based in the Bel Canto tradition, and the opportunity to sing in our school’s chorale ensemble (The Cunningham Community Choir), and training in acting and experession. We are happy to take students from beginners all the way up to professional coachings for students that have received their B.Mus in Vocal Performance. Interested in learning more about our voice teachers? Click here.

The Cunningham Community Choir

The Cunningham Community Choir is Cunningham Music School’s summer choir–we are thrilled to offer a chorale program for singers to be a part of when their normally scheduled academic, community, church, or professional choirs are on break for the summer (we also have a limited amount of engagements during the holiday season for singers that are interested in visiting us outside of their normal season). The Cunningham Community Choir accepts singers from high school on up, so long as the singer can read music and is excited to be a part of a diverse group of performers! Are we taking new members? Click here to find out. When will be performing next? Click here to find out.

Performance Prep Class

Class Performance Prep is class for singing actors the are middle/high schooled aged and interested in immersing themselves in a musical theatre class. You will learn tools to use in every facet of performing: are you unfamiliar with a lot of shows that your school or your local theatre groups are doing? Not after this class, you won’t be–we’ll be covering shows, musical time periods, and composers of note: you will come away from this class know exactly what you need to know. How do you decide what is age and character appropriate stage makeup? What is comedic improvisation? How can I be professional with my cast mates and creative team? What can I do every day that will build my stamina and prepare me to be in a show for up to six performances a week? What can I do to succeed in my movement auditions ? We’ll address all of that and more this year in Performance Prep. For more info on how the class runs and pricing, click here.

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