piano movers
A piano is difficult to move. It is heavy, awkwardly shaped, and delicate all at once. Properly moving one requires specialized equipment, techniques, and knowledge to avoid damaging the instrument or the property and people around it. The lightest vertical pianos made today are still over 350 lbs. while the heaviest uprights are over 900 lbs. Grand pianos are worse. They can be as little as 500 lbs. but some large concert grands can be as heavy as 1200 lbs.! risk in piano moving When trying to move a piano, it takes only one small slip to lose control of the instrument. The result can be very expensive for repair of the piano, your floors and walls, not to mention the physical injury that might occur to the inexperienced movers themselves. If you have questions about piano moving, call us at (800) 394-1117 or email us. We are happy to refer you to the best possible people to help.