Yamaha CVP-809 Clavinova Tutorial #7: Edelweiss

In this series of tutorials, we will be learning songs from Hal Leonard's series of "Best Songs Ever" big note piano books (7th edition), and exploring how the Yamaha CVP-809 Clavinova can make even beginner piano players sound like a whole band. Part piano lesson, part instrument tutorial, we will "learn by doing".

In this tutorial, we will learn how to play "Edelweiss" from 'The Sound of Music' by Rodgers and Hammerstein. The CVP-809 has a very sophisticated 16 track recording studio built in, but don't let that intimidate you! We take the approach of a beginner player to see how we can take advantage of the power of the CVP-809's recording capabilities to record multiple layers of instruments one hand at a time to build a terrific sounding recording. We then look at how to manage the file system to copy your recording onto a USB thumb drive and export the file to a format that can be played on any computer or digital audio device.