The Yamaha CX Series Grand Pianos

Globalization has made a major impact on how pianos can be made. The new CX Series of Yamaha Grands is an excellent example of how a collaboration between multiple facilities in different countries can benefit everyone. Yamaha was founded in 1887 and is the most popular and largest piano manufacturer in the world. Yamaha is famous for its exceptional quality control and is the preferred piano by many of the major artists of today, like Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Elton John. Bosendorfer was founded in 1828 and was championed by European royalty. Bosendorfer epitomizes the sound of Viennese music, which is personified by composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss. To this day, Bosendorfer is the most expensive piano manufacturer in the world and only produces approximately 300 pianos for the world market with absolutely no short cuts in the piano building process. Why is this important with regard to the Yamaha CX series? Because in 2008, Yamaha acquires Bosendorfer. Yamaha considers their relationship with Bosendorfer to be a partnership and art preservation. Bosendorfer is incorporated into the Yamaha Artist Services Network, allowing classical artists all over the world more opportunity to use Bosendorfer in concert. Yamaha shares its distribution network, giving more people all over the world an opportunity to play a Bosendorfer piano. And most importantly, a collaboration between Viennese and Japanese Piano engineers ensues. As a result of the extensive research done by Yamaha to develop the Yamaha CFX concert grand and this new relationship with Bosendorfer, the CX series of Yamaha Grand Pianos are born, and introduced to the world market in 2012. New designs, based on new techniques are used to create the CX series. European parts are used throughout. A thicker and more substantial rim is used in the piano's construction, reminding us of the finest American and European hand built pianos. A redesigned soundboard using the highest quality spruce wood available is created for the best tonal projection. Ivorite Keytops are used for the best feel that a set of pianos keys can have. And the now world-famous CFX hammers are used throughout the entire series. We invite you to re-discover Yamaha pianos through CX Series of pianos. We believe that it will transform what you believe a piano is capable of.

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