Adam Berenson

Are you looking for a skilled and experienced piano teacher in the Media, Norristown, Conshohocken, or Main Line area? Look no further than Adam Berenson. With over two decades of teaching experience at Settlement MLC, Adam is dedicated to helping students of all ages and skill levels discover their passion for the piano.

Adam holds a Master's degree from the prestigious New England Conservatory, ensuring that his students receive top-notch instruction. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, Adam has the expertise to guide you on your musical journey.

One of the key aspects of Adam's teaching philosophy is versatility. He is well-versed in various styles of music, allowing his students to explore their musical interests and preferences. Whether you're interested in classical, jazz, pop, or any other genre, Adam can tailor the lessons to suit your individual needs.

Adam welcomes students of all ages, from children to adults. He understands that each student has unique learning requirements, and he adapts his teaching approach to meet those needs. Whether you're a young child just starting your musical journey or an adult looking to rekindle your passion for the piano, Adam provides a supportive and nurturing environment to foster your growth.

As part of his commitment to student development, Adam organizes student recitals. These recitals provide valuable performance opportunities for students to showcase their progress and gain confidence in their abilities. Participating in recitals helps students develop important skills such as stage presence and musical interpretation.

Contacting Adam is easy. You can reach him at 610-772-4903 or email him at He is happy to discuss your goals, lesson availability, and answer any questions you may have. Whether you prefer online lessons or prefer lessons in the comfort of your own home, Adam can accommodate your needs.

Embark on a fulfilling musical journey with Adam Berenson as your piano teacher. With his wealth of experience, passion for music, and dedication to his students, you can trust that you will receive high-quality instruction and guidance. Take the first step towards mastering the piano and contact Adam today.


Phone: 610-772-4903

Location: Media, Norristown, Conshohocken, Main LIne

Methods: Online, Student's Home

Teaching Level(s): Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Student Age(s): Children, Adults

Bio: I've taught at Settlement MLC since 1997. I have an MA from the New England Conservatory. All styles, and ages.

Student Recitals: Yes

Contact Methods: Email